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How to Migrate Solarwinds with Database


   I have NCM 7.7, NPM 12.2, UDT 3.3 and NTA 4.2.3. Sql database is on separate server. NTA database is on orion server. Orion and sql database servers are Windows Server 2012 R2. And also, Sql version is Microsoft Sql Server 2012 (SP4). I want to upgrade latest versions. So that, I have to do migration solarwinds with database to use latest versions. I will do migration same ip address solarwinds orion and sql database. What is your advise to achieve successfully migration for especially configuration wizard step. For this situation, What is your best practise way for migration ? 



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There is a great migration guide see link below but the obvious is upgrading to a supported OS version I have included that link also please note that NTA is now using a SQL database so you will not be able to bring any of the flow data from that database into the new SQL NTA DB it can be on the same SQL server as the Orion DB. If you follow the steps on the migration guide you should be good to go good luck.

System Requirements 

Migration Guide


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Thanks for links. I reviewed links. In the orion migration step, When I setup orion products in new orion server, can I install orion products latest version directly? Or first off all, After install same version, upgrade latest version? What do you think?



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