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How to Enable Syslog Services on NPM Server

Hi Guys,

Please I like to find out how do I go about enabling Syslog services on NPM server.

I use an NPM 10.6 in my work environmnent.

Many thanks as you respond.



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Level 10

Hi Rob,

Many thanks.

Yes, the Orion Syslog server is running in my work environment. See below.


However, Syslog Web Console does not display anything. See below.


I just want to ask if there's something else that I have not done.

Kindly assist me.



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Check you are allowing syslog (UDP port 514) through windows firewall.

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Level 11

Two possible things:

1) Ensure you are actually sending syslog over from at least one device.

2)Open the syslog viewer (RDP to your primary NPM server, then Start, All Programs, SolarWinds Orion, Syslog and SNMP Traps = Syslog Viewer.

   From that application, look under View - Alerts Rules and Filters.   Ensure you do not have a rule that is removing them as they come in.

The "current messages" screen will show you inbound syslog as well.

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Level 17

Likely syslog server is already running. Check the Orion service manager:

4-10-2014 8-41-01 PM.png

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