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How monitor MikroTik temperature by OID in NPM ??

Hello to all.

I'm using NPM 10 , My network routers is MikroTik routerboard, My question is how i can monitor router temprature by using OID in Solard Winds NPM??

I'm gathered temperature OID :

Thanks & sorry for my bad english..

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Level 9

Thanks to everyone help me, that worked,



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Have you assigned the custom poller to the node ? If yes it should be visible when you check both these items on Node details page unless and until your view being used totally different.

Sorry for my questions.

Please see this, my router temp OID is :

temperature: .

processor-temperature: .

in UnDP (Orion Universal Device Poller) :




in assign router temperature to nodes (custom poller name) when i'm selecting the node and click on the test button it's shown the OID is not supported, I'm confused.

you will need to change the SNMP Get Type to 'GET' instead of 'GET NEXT' since you have already included the .0 suffix for the OID

Ok I'm select Get and check Node detail for result in next page, when enter to web console in node detail new information is :


but I'm don't think that these are information about temperature!!

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looks like this the actual temperature times 10.

you will need to create an UnDP transform to divide the output by 10. Open the Universal Device Poller utility, click on the 'Transform Results' menu option and follow the wizard to take the poller you have created and div it by 10

ok I'm near to get final result,

now temperature shown 410 and as u told if I division 410 to 10 result will be 41 that this is correct & real time temperature I've checked router was 41, but problem is in Transform result there isn't any function to division, what I do ??

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You should be able to just add the poller and divide by ten.


EIther that or {poller}*0.1 will get the job done.

You can achieve this by UnDP (Orion Universal Device Poller) - You can create a new custom poller ( and assign it to the node you want.

You will find UnDP on your primary poller - Check "how to use UnDP" under VIDEO section on thwack. Just click on it and search for undp.

thanks for ur reply, Im do that, but there are something. After selecting node in display result in orion website there is not any chat/guage/table about temprature, see this:


but im selecting graph & guage for node detail & after that temperature in node detail not shown, what can i do ??

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