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How does one go about removing the Help link from a View in NPM?

I'm building an extremely limited NPM view to show Down Nodes only to certain users.  I don't want to allow users to browse the Help files for NPM.

I've searched and browsed Thwack for the method to accomplish this, but have not found an elegant solution.

In one user's case, they ended up pointing the link to a blank page or blank icon.  Not the right way to do this, IMHO.

Another user's query for this exact functionality was unanswered after several years.

How would you remove the Help link from the view?


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I'm still looking for this.  Does anyone know how to remove the Help Link, as well as the Search magnifying glass?

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I have to look at the code.
I have removed some stuff in the ex NTA. The search bar

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The Unique customization for this is to go in the source code of viwer, and inhibit the reading of the command line that calls this function.

Someone who knows how to program can solve this..

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Yes, that part I treated as a given.  It's the details of the implementation I seek.