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How do you determine what interfaces you need to monitor?

Hello all,


We have just switched to SD-WAN and I am in the process of adding our edge devices to NPM.  NPM is finding more than 40 interfaces on each edge device.  I have run out of interface licenses and I haven't added all of our edge devices yet.  I have the same question for the wireless access points.  NPM found more than 20 interfaces on each device.  I'm probably going to have to reduce what NPM monitors to get under the license limit.


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I would monitor the link to the ISP, links to other switches and routers, If you have AP's and are running Cisco Prime or something similar that can monitor the AP's

You co not need to monitor PC's, VoIP phones  

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What bob said. But I would also add your primary circuits to your ISP that way you can monitor bandwidth utilization on those. 

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We monitor interfaces that are uplinks to other switches/routers and ones that we need utilization statistics on. For example a closet access switch would only have the uplinks and stack ports monitored, not any of the ports that PC's plug into. 

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