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How do I set up an HP-UX 11i v.3 server, to be managed by Orion NPM?

We have one (for now) HP-UX server running 11i v. 3, that we would like to bring into SolarWinds NPM if possible.  I don't speak that much Unix, and am not doing well clicking around the HP site.  An online chat with HP yielded lots of links but I haven't the time to read everything.  Anyone done this before?  Any SolarWinds documentation, about how to set up in the server's commandline?

thanks for any help

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Level 10

Do you already have Net-SNMP running on the system?  If so, you'll need to modify the snmpd.conf file to add access for the Orion Core/Pollers.

If not you'll want to disable the native HPUX snmp agent if it's running and install Net-SNMP.


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