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Level 13

How do I see the audit trail?

Auditing Settings

Enable audit trails

Maintain a record of web console user actions for auditing purposes.

I haven't found a report or view yet.

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Level 8

You can go through the manage reports and search audit there you will found report . view that report..

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Level 18

Go to Message Center using an account that has full administrator permission. One of the check boxes will be "Audit" events. Check that (and un-check everything else) AND make sure you have your time range set the way you want. Then hit refresh.

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and make measurable what is not so." - Gallileo

That's the one!

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Level 13

Thanks looked past the :Last XX quite a few times.  If it don't work out I'll have to try and write a report.

Level 17

Add the resource that shows you 'Audit Events' - as in Last XX Audit Events

Most of the reports that I've ever been successful with I've had to create them manually.