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How can i view logs?

I've a requirement to view the logs for event like add/delete users and change access rights.

Also I've a requirement to view user access rights without ability to change it.

Does  anybody know, if it's really?


For colleagues from Russia

Нужна возможность просматривать логи таких событий как добавление/удаление пользователей и изменение прав доступа. Желательно с запретом на возможность их удаления.

Также нужна возможность просматривать права доступа пользователей без возможностей их изменения.

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I am not sure if I am understanding your question correctly.However please check this out.If its not the one you are looking for,please explain your question in detail and feel free to post some screen shots.

In the Orion Home page,look for option "settings" in the top right hand corner.Select "Manage Accounts" under Accounts topic.There you could see different users along with Admin and Guest.By selecting "Edit" option,you could set the access according to your requirement.

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This attachment below should help to set a user to view and not make any changes.


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This account couldn't see  users and their rigths... Could administrator create a reports in pdf with information about users?


p.s. i understand that my questin is strange, but it is requiremerns of safety norms of customer... 

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Yes administrator can create a report in pdf with information about users.Here is how you can do it.

1.Open the 'Report Writer' tool.(Start-->All Programs-->SolarWinds Orion-->Alerting,Reporting and Mapping-->Report Writer)

2.Select New-->Advanced SQL,Give the Report Group name and a Report title in the 'General Tab'

3.In the SQL tab,please give this Query and change according to your needs.

select accountid from accounts

4.Go on to 'Save' report

5.Log into the GUI with Admin access.goto Home-->Reports tab.Under Custom header,you must see the new report name.Then you should be able to export as pdf from the top right corner.

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I have little different but similar question. As I remember that had to be one of advantages at NPM 10: log file with all changes done - who did what and when in Orion.

I mean what guy made some changes in Orion: as changed view, add or remove node, add alert etc. Maybe I missed something but in fact I need that functionality and can not find it.

SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.1, APM 4.0.2 SP4, NPM 10.1.3, NTA 3.7, IVIM 1.1.2

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Orion audit trails is still an open enhancement request and does not exist in NPM today.

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Thank for answer.

How can I see all tables of NPM database to create Query like one you wrote?

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What version on NPM are you currently running ?Is it evaluation or full version?If its Orion full version what is SQL server?

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Is there differnce between these versions?  now I'm running trial version, downloaded from solarwinds site and SQL Server 2005 to finish some document for project. If the customer approve, I'll install the full version. So now I have to find out some capabilities of this product in full version.

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Here is how you access the database.

Login to the server where the Orion is installed.Goto start-->All Programs-->SolarWinds Orion-->Advance features-->Database Manager.Connect to the database and look for the table named "Accounts"

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Yes, I could see, but as I understand, any user with admin rights could see same and change all he want. I need the user could see, but can not change anything.

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