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Level 10

How can I obtain the switch model number?

Is there an easy way to find out the specific model of a switch?

Id like to be able to view a rack that has say 10 switches and see which ones are PoE, indicated by the PS part of this model number.

I can only see Cisco Catalyst 29xxstack, which is useless, when I want to see WS-C2960X-24PS-L

Living in hope... but not holding my breath!

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If you've got NCM, this data is collected and can be shown easily enough in a report.

Looks like I might have to revert to using reports as the query wont display all thenodes...

I do wish we had more control over what columns was displayed in some of the views.

SW is such a frustrating product at times, well, actually most of the time!

Level 14

On any Summary Page, Add a Widget Named Custom Table

Select Datasource, then Advanced Database. Enter the below for SWQL:

SELECT N.IP_Address as [IP Address], N.Caption AS [Node Name], N.CPUCount,  WeekDiff(N.LastBoot, GetDate()) AS [Uptime in Weeks], N.HardwareHealthInfos.Model ,N.IOSVersion, N.IOSImage

FROM  Orion.Nodes N

where N.HardwareHealthInfos.Model is not null

ORDER BY  N.IP_Address

Once you Select Submit, it will ask which Columns you want to select on the Table. You only wanted the Node Name and Model, but I added Image Version and Image Name from another post I was looking at a few minutes ago.

Using the SWQL code as that puts the info on the gui which is preferable to running reports.

My only question is that is is possible to group these rather than it show a huge list of all of the switches?  We group switches in relation to their rack number or physical location, so id like to view it this way then select a group to see the above query relating to the switches within that group. 

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Hmmm.. spoke too soon, seems I cant display all of the nodes, and you cant even select pages!  We have 500 switches, so was hoping it may have split them into pages.. but no!

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