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How can I get audit events on add/remove/change reports?

Is there a way to tell who added/removed or changed a given report?
I have tried the message center, but there's no luck.

If this information is stored somewhere in the DB, I could probably query it out.

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I've seen many other changes audited in the main events log, such as 'node xxx added', 'user changed suchandsuch threshold'. I've not looked for anything around reports, but it may well be listed in there.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: I just checked and on NPM 11.01 there is no such event category for reports, so unless this was added in NPM 11.5, I don't think that reports are currently audited by Orion.

- Jez Marsh

Thanks for the reply!
I'm using NPM 11.0.1 as well, and I couldn't find anything.
Can't confirm anything about NPM 11.5.

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Checked dbo.AuditingActionTypes and found nothing report related.

Worse - it seems while dbo.reportdefinitions has an owner field it does not have any sort of created/modified date

So it would seem your best bet might to subscribe to that table

About Change Tracking (SQL Server)


Detect and act on database drift | DLM Dashboard

I wonder if Server and Application Monitor's 'AppInsight for SQL' would do something similar to DLM, i.e. tracking changes in tables?...

That's genius, bluefunelemental‌, kudos to you for thinking out of the box, sir!

- Jez Marsh
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There is no support for auditing of the Web Based Report Writer at this time.

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I do see audits for web based alert so we hold high expectations.



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I recommend you log a call with support to get the definitive answer, tragicpixel‌. If you do, could you post their response in here for others to benefit from our epic fail at working it out ourselves?

Cheers & good luck!

- Jez Marsh
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It's 2017 silverbacksays​ and I don't think I ever found an answer to this myself. I wonder if aLTeReGo​ or stevenwhunt have an answer? Are report modifications captured in any sort of audit log? I didn't even see it as an option in message center.

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