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Host Unreachable vs Host Down


I am trying to understand when does Orion Advanced Alert report a host as unreachable and when does it report it as down.

From what I have gathered so far, "unreachable" and "down" status are not same. And mostly unreachable status is possible for nodes which have dependencies on other parent nodes. Are there any other situations (apart from dependency ) when we can get a node status as unreachable?

In our network, we got an event message that "X has stopped responding (Host Unreachable)". We also have an advanced alert configured which matches "Node Status is Down". But we never got the above event matched against that alert. Is it because Orion considered node as UNREACHABLE and not DOWN and hence did not match the alert?Do we need to create an alert which matches "Node status is unreachable"?

The confusing thing is that we don't have any dependency configured in our network, so ideally we should never have seen a "X has stopped responding (Host Unreachable)" event. What I think is we should have received "X has stopped responding (Host Down)" event. Is my understanding wrong?


We have NPM version 10.1.1.

Any help on this is welcome.

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Further checking the SQL database, I have confirmed that Orion has an entry for "node Down" event in the events table. So that event should have matched our "node down" advanced alert. But it never happened. I cannot see "node down" alert triggered in AlertLog table. Why the alert was not triggered? Is it some bug with Solarwinds Orion? 

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Could you pull up the node down alert in the Orion Advanced Alert Manager. And goto 'Trigger Actions' tab and select 'edit selected action'.Check for the following settings.

Time of the day and Alert Escalations.

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Dont know what the reason is, but I am not able to post any screenshots.

Can you send me your mailing address so that I can send you the same?



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Somehow the screenshots are not visible in previous update, so updating again:


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Screenshots are not showing up.Can you repost them?Thank you.

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whatever I am trying to post is not becoming visible.

I get this message after posting:

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If the administrator has configured this forum to support email notifications you will receive an email when your post is either approved or denied (if you have emails enabled in your profile).

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I have just double checked. This forum does not have automated moderation enabled. I'm sorry you are seeing this error. Would you be willing to try again?

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