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High Temperature Alert

NPM 12.4

Does anyone have a condition on where NPM will alert when a 3850 single or stack will alert when the system is running a high temperature? Speaking with SW-Tech we could only create per sensor rather than Node alone. So this would give me an alert per sensor.


1 switch would send 2 emails with high degrees

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Have you managed to find what you wanted?

Various ways you could do it.

You could do something like this:

We have a group of the sensors that we care about for visual viewing. You can do a  dynamic add to the group you want them in for each building or something so they alert on a map.


thank you I was able to get it working. I had to use a certain Sensor to get the correct temp alert. Cisco TAC sent me their cloud sight for OID

marnell​, I think many Thwack users would like to leverage your experience.  Would you mind sharing the TAC cloud sight OID, and perhaps some sanitized screen shots of your new alert, its scope, and its trigger conditions?

I think folks would like to have a single widget displaying the top X devices by decreasing temperature.  Building it might be complicated if each different kind  of hardware node (server, router, switch, UPS, etc.) has a different trigger threshold, or if some use Centigrade while others use Fahrenheit.

Swift packets to you for your good idea!

Rick Schroeder

Cisco Cloud OID

You can use this link to search for the OID and then navigate through the tree. Once you find an OID test it in the Orion Universal Device Poller.

In order to create the widget for decreasing temperature the OID for temperature needs to be assigned to the node. I compare what Orion pulls to what information in the cli of the device. You can convert to Fahrenheit buy using the transform result. I used 0.1*{internalTemp_Arnell}  <-- I created that for an OID I was using for a device that was only displaying Celsius.

You can create Custom Chart and then select the nodes and variables by temperature. It should show the temperature edit. I will have to create the widget to verify and test.

I was able to test and created a report widget. It all depends on what device you want to monitor for temperature. You have to make sure The information is being pulled.

Create Custom Table (Reports)


pastedImage_1.pngAdd the information you want to display in your report and then sort by the temperature variable. You can group if you want to do per site or what every variable you add in the layout.


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Nice instructions!  The UPS temp output is as you showed:


Next is getting it to apply to Cisco switches instead of UPS's.  I'll check out your OID and UnDP process.

Thank you.

Rick Schroeder

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Interesting.  I'll see what I can find for an OID that works on all (?!) Cisco switches for incoming temperatures.  It's all I want.

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I was able to get it work for the switches, but you will have to set a custom property to determine the device is a switch. Depending on the model and code depends on if the same OID will work for all. If you have different custom pollers then you should be able to use an and/or statement.


unique name is equal to xxxxxxxx

unique name is equal to xxxxxxxx


current numeric value is not empty

device type is equal to (switch/custom property)




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OID:     ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusValue

  1. Create the UDP and add your nodes and data display
  2. Create your transform (Universal Device Poller - common calculations for poller transforms)  Good link to save...I converted mine to F    <--- Just for graphical displal on node page
    1. CtoF({UDP Name})   pastedImage_4.png
  3. Assign Devices to the transform you created
Level 16

yes it will be sensor based and not overall node based...

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