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Level 8

High Availability for Solarwinds Switch Over

I have this Prod and DR encironment.


Until now, we did switch over process manually (manually switch the solarwinds app, license. etc.).

And I have license just for production environment.

By doing this manually, it takes a long downtime (approximately 4,5 hrs)

This long downtime bothered our production operator.

So, I want to minimize it.

Does anybody have any idea for this one?

I've read about Fileover Engine (FoE).

Can someone give best High Availability to use FoE on this environment?

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Level 17

FoE ( SolarWinds Orion Failover Engine (FoE)– Never lose visibility) was pretty much designed for this scenario. FoE handles the mechanics of configuration replication and should make the process relatively seemless. I don't believe we have a trial available, but if you were interested in earning more, DM me and we can talk through your use case further.