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Help with custom Alert - Muted Node without End-date

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Good afternoon everyone!

I working on an alert to trigger whenever a user mutes a node without specifying a end-date. I tested the following SWQL query in SWQL Studio:

SELECT Nodes.Uri, Nodes.DisplayName FROM Orion.Nodes AS Nodes

Join Orion.AlertSuppression n on n.EntityUri=Nodes.Uri

where n.SuppressUntil is NULL

It successfully provides me a list of nodes muted without an end-date. When I popped into the alert I attached to this thread, it even gives me a warning about the nodes listed as objects that will be triggered immediately. However nothing happens when I make it active. I expected it to pop up as an active alert, what have I done wrong? I would appreciate any advice that anyone can provide. Thanks!

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Level 9

Ok everyone, I appreciate all the attention this got and with some additional time to think about it, I got it figured out. I just needed to target the audit events opposed to the nodes themselves.

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[AuditingEvents]

Where AuditingEvents.AuditEventMessage like '% muted alerts on %' and TimeLoggedUtc > DATEADD (minute, -1, SYSUTCDATETIME())

Problem solved! Now I have an alert that will trigger every time a user fails to schedule end time for muting a node. I appreciate everyone's help!

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