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Level 11

Help to create the Servicenow alert report in sql format.

Hi All,

Need your help to create the Servicnow alert details in SQL format.

which should contain the following data:

ServiceNow Ticket number, TimeStamp,  Alert Name, Alert Message, Related node Caption, Last triggered Date, Severity, Acknowledged by, Vendor.

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Level 13


We don't have SQL but I can give you SWQL query as it is more easier.

If you want to tune it up, Please donwload Orion SDK and use SWQL studio for that. It has intelisense and you can get whatever you want via Navigation property.

SELECT  LastTriggerTime as TimeStamp, IncidentNumber as ServiceNowTicketNumber, I.AlertObjects.AlertConfigurations.Name as AlertName,I.AlertObjects.AlertActive.TriggeredMessage as AlertMessage,
I.AlertObjects.RelatedNodeCaption,I.AlertObjects.AlertConfigurations.Severity as Severity,I.AlertObjects.AlertActive.AcknowledgedBy,I.AlertObjects.Node.Vendor
FROM Orion.ServiceNow.AlertIncident as I


Thanks for this, its very helpful!

Is there anyway to change the time frames?

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Thank you! Its working for me.

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