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Help on custom poller alerting

Hi All,

Want some help in creating alerting on custom pollers that i have created for hardware monitoring.  below screenshot is from a single device where i want to alert different hardware parameters like Fan, Power, Temp etc..

Can some guide me how exactly i can do it? I tried couple of method but getting confused....

Ex: i want to alert on temp sensors going above a value of 45.. OR i want to alert on Power supply when its not normal( in this case value will be anything apart from 2. value of 2 signifies its OK).



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Level 16

i somehow managed to find out the trigger conditon which would help me in alerting only the rows' i need...

Now i am not able to find out the variable which would help in showing the current value of the sensor..

i tried using all below but not getting the value of the sensor when the alert triggers...


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You need to set up a Custom Node Poller Alert using the Unique Name if the poller you want to alert on, and then the Current Value is not equal to 2 (In your scenario)

- David Smith
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But i dont want to alert on every entity, u can see my screenshot above where i have so many other stuff...  so is it possible to alert on only on specific entries?

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It looks like you would want something like this (click select objects to pick the particular pollers you want):


I'm guessing each row in your screenshot is a separate custom poller that you would need to choose in select objects.

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Hi jeilers

I would say something similar to that... but each row is not separate poller.. column wise is the separate poller..

But for some reason i am not able to get anything identified...have tried many different ways..

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i just tried this, but did not work:


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On "The scope of this alert" section you will want to be sure the button "Only following set of objects" is checked instead of "All objects in my environment" Then you should have a list of pollers you can select by clicking on the link "Select Objects". There you should be able to find specific assigned pollers to choose from.

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will the alerting work since i need to use 2 custom pollers here... i need to identify the hardware sesnsor name and the value/status of it wherein i will alert based on the status/value...

Can anyone assist?

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I just replied on your question to a different thread.

you can use alerting on "Custom Poller Table" instead of Custom Node Poller because table allows you to use individual objects pulled by a single poller and then you can alert on those selective objects.

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Yes its possible, you just need to specifiy the pollers name and their values tagged with "AND" boolean function then on top of them use "OR" Function to select pollers types. See below example.


1. AND

Poller name - abc

Value - 1

2. AND

Poller Name - xyz

Value -2

OR is controlling which Poller type where as AND is looking to individual poller type and its value.

Let me try testing something....

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