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Help on Custom Alerts

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Try this. Open the Advanced Alert Manager. Create a new alert. On the Trigger Condition tab, select the Custom Node Poller option in the Type of Property to Monitor menu. Add two simple conditions under the ALL statement. In the first one select Custom Node Pollers--> OID as the field, set the second field to "equal to", and in the third field choose one of the OIDs you listed.

In the second condition choose Custom Node Pollers--> Status, and "has changed" for the second field. The third field will be blank.

Finsih the other tabs in your alert and test it.

Let us know if you encounter any problems.

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Hi Thomas--

If you run into any problems when trying borgan's suggestion, check out the "Understanding Advanced Alerts" paper written by Andy McBride. It provides a wealth of information on creating and troubleshooting alerts.


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Even though this is an older thread - we know that lots of folks have questions about alerts, alerting, advanced alerts, and so on. So we did a whole SolarWinds Lab espisode on it. Join us at on June 12, 1pm Central for the episode, and you can chat live with our Head Geeks before, during, and after the show. Whatever alerting question you have, we will be happy to address live. You can find out more and sign up for a calendar invite here.

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I see I have a lot of views but no suggestions. Come on people help me out.

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