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Has anyone tried sending Severity to other Tool for integration?

HI All,

We have an integration in place from Solarwinds to Zenoss. What we are currently observing is that "Severity" is not being sent as part of the default traps.

We really need this in terms of integration.

Any suggestions would really help.

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Hi pratikmehta003,

First off, SNMP Traps don't have a "Severity" field. Severity can be found in Syslog messages but not in SNMP Traps.


Understanding Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traps - Cisco

I have checked Orion NPM Trap Viewer Tool and yes it can forward SNMP Traps, however it can't parse or change the Trap message and add Severity field.

With that, maybe you can try considering using Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog Server application. This is dedicated Syslog Server that has the capability to accept SNMP Trap message, add Severity (Level and Priority) Fields to it then forward it to your Zenoss device.

Hope it helps.

Oh.k i thought there could be some option to configure since its a very basic thing.

A new trap template also wont help? I read somewhere that we can write our own trap templates.

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