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Level 12

Hardware Health Sensors are in "undefined" state when Node is Un-managed in NPM 10.6

Does anyone other than me think this to be a problem?

I would think, there would be a way to filter unmanaged node hardware health sensors that are in the 'undefined' mode, so that it doesnt clutter up true 'undefined' health sensors.

I think this should be considered a bug, as there should be no remnants of 'unmanaged' nodes at all.

Seems to only be for devices that were unmanaged after Heardware sensors were introduced.

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Level 17

Once any node is unmanaged its HWH objects are keeping the last successful status received from a real polling.

So if those HWH had the *Undefined* status before un-managing then they just keep the same status after.


More than likely, these HWH monitors were *Undefined* before un-managing of the root node.

I was aware of this default function, however, it is difficult for me to look at NPM as "Real TIme" Monitoring, if its cluttered with loose ends. Wouldnt a check on a regular basis to remove undefined monitored points for unmanaged devices make it more useful? This is the responsibility of the application writer.

BTW I have filtered the undefined HWH by filtering the entire unmanaged node from my customers view.

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