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Handling historical data after a P2V

We are presently in the midst of a massive P2V effort.  As we do so, I find a lot of erroneous network adapters that need to be manually cleaned up in the node management screen.  Is there an easier way to handle this?

The bigger question I have though for people who have done large scale P2V in their environment, is how do you split the new and old environments when it comes to historical data.  Obviously after a P2V there are going to be changes in what hardware was available to be monitored.  Do you add new nodes and unmanage the old nodes?  I'm not really sure how to approach this from a monitoring/reporting standpoint. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Mark,

I have had some P2V's as well and when I update them the historical data does indeed disappear. Un-managing the physical node and recreating a new one would work. You should also be able to generate a report with all the historical information so that it is not lost once you update the system.

When I decommission a system I un-manage it and rename the node to include the status and date of decommission. Example: SYSTEMNAME  -->   SYSTEMNAME Decommissioned 1/8/2012 (un-managed)