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Level 7

HP ProCurve Switches are not showing CPU/Memory Utilization


In my network I have the below HP ProCurve Switches

  • 5308xl
  • 4104GL
  • 2650
  • 2524
  • 2910 al-48G

I can monitor all the interfaces and environment features of all these switches but not able to montitor CPU and Memory, also IOS of each switch. Some of the devices are not even showing VLAN IDs of respective ports.

Can you please help me to solve this issue?

Thanks and best regards,


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Level 17


Could you perhaps send me SNMP walks of a couple of those devices? (rob.hock{at}

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Thanks Rob for your prompt reply. Please find attached the results for SNMP Walk for the core and one main distribution switch.

Best regards,

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Hi Sasi, I've checked the walks and suddenly no one is complete. The tool linked above is also present in Orion installation folder in version which has SNMP timeout setting visible. Please try to increase the timeout and get the walks again. Walks from this kind of devices should have few megabytes.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Same problem here with the following HP Procurve Switches: 5406zl (J8697A), 3500-48 (J9472A)

If the walk does not contain sensible information I would like to assist you with working on the problem.

Best regards,


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If you check out the 10.7 beta: NPM 10.7 Beta 1 Available you will find the ability to map arbitrary OIDs to native CPU / memory fields.