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Level 8

HELP with Alert variable for event message

I am seeing the following for a node, what does this mean?  The node is a member of the group.  I want to get alerts and notifications when any member of the group is (up, down, maintenance, unknown) but I want to know which member....not the group in the alert notification.

I see the following alert for the devices in the group:

Alert Name xMatters - Alert on Group Member VPN Alert Severity Critical Alert Message Warning: Recursive macro variable usage detected Group member Display Name Node Group member name mydevicename.

Help please,


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Level 13

The ${N=OrionGroup;M=GroupStatusRootCause} alert variable will produce a list of all group members that are contributing to the group's warning/critical/down status.

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ok, i will try that.  what about the event message?  should i use a different parameter for the actual event message.  I am using N=Alerting;M=AlertMessage...

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