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Group Membership


Most of our NPM alerts are applied to groups, with most devices added to the relevant groups by means of a dynamic query.

For assurance purposes I'd like to create a report that shows each device and which group(s) each is assigned to. Is there an easy way to do this, or an 'out of the box' report that I can run?

Alternatively, if the above is difficult to create, a report showing any device which doesn't belong to be a group would be helpful.

Any ideas?

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You can do this with a custom table.  Just create a new report and add in the node name and group name columns.

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In looking further, looks like I have an out of the box report called Groups and Group Members.  It should give you what you need.

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Thanks for the quick reply - I've checked the Out Of The Box reports and it doesn't give me what I'm looking for.

The main reason for the report is to assure ourselves that every node is assigned to a group, and highlight any that may have slipped through the net and not been dynamically assigned.

Ideally I'm looking for a report by node that shows each group(s) a node is assigned to. Any that are not assigned to a group should be then easy to identify.

Alternatively a report that highlights shows any node(s) that isn't assigned to a group would also suffice I think.

Hope I'm explaining that OK??

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Then I'll go back to my first suggestion.

Create a new report (custom table).

Report on Node

     - You can add a filter where Group Node Name is Empty

Add in the Node Name column.

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Thanks - I'm not very familiar with creating custom reports/tables.....would you mind posting a screenshot of what I need to do....

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In further research, it looks as if when you report on Node, there is no direct link to the Group Name field that you need (or at least I can't find it).  Therefore, it looks like you'll need a SQL / SWQL query to link the two together.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to our SQL server to find the correct fields.  To get you started in the right direction:

- Manage Reports -> Create New Report

- On the first screen that comes up, select Custom Table (under Reports if your system does not default to it)

- Under selection method, change to Advanced Database

From here, I'll defer to someone else to help identify the appropriate fields and build the query.

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