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Graph issues No Data

 Hi Everyone,

         This has happened twice in the past two weeks. When looking at any of the web pages that have graphs in them (eg interface details) the graphs seem to be corrupted. For example the graph looks totally different like it is missing the template for the graph or something and it shows no data in the graph. The server still shows current data on the web page but just the history in the graphs are gone. I tried restarting all the services on the orion server but that didn't work. I tried restarting the sql database but that didn't work either. I had to restart the whole Solarwinds server before the graphs came back to normal. If it happens again next time I will take a screen shot so i can explain it a bit better. Has anyone else exprerienced aything like this before? By the way i'm running a Dell 1850 server with 3GB RAM with Orion 8.5.1. SP3 with SQL 2005 (not express) on a Dell 2650 with 2GB RAM and we have 1500 elements. Hope to hear something soon. Cheers.


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