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Global settings - Auto Update - Reset and force push?

Hello all,

     Quick summary, had Auto update agents unchecked in global settings.  Updated from 2019.2 to 2019.4 a few weeks ago, and it reset my global settings to check that box.  This has caused me immense headaches over the last few weeks due to the way my organization functions.  (Agents are only pushed through SCCM for reasons that are irrelevant to this)  Agent version went from 2.2.8 to 2.3 in solarwinds dashboard and caused all agents to get stuck in a limbo of installations. 

     When I uncheck the box in global settings (auto update agents).  We push the old agent because it works.....but it keeps updating....figured out that even though it was set correct in agent global settings, if you went to agent level, the box is still checked.

     I did not see anything in documentation that solarwinds was going to change my global settings for 2019.4, and the agent global settings seems to be broken. Is there a work around for this?  so i can not have to do each agent at a time, and ensure that when we install an agent through SCCM, when it connects to Orion, it won't be set to auto update in dashboard?  (yes i've put in a ticket, but this is dragging on for between a week or two and this has gotten beyond reasonable where I work).


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I have the exact same issue. Upgraded to latest 4.2019 HF5 and the agents started auto-updating even though I had that option disabled. This is currently causing us many headaches because on these servers there are applications that are not compatible with .NET 4.8. 

Luckily we didn't expose the port 17791? When I look at the agent logs stuck in upgrade in progress, I think I'm seeing Orion try to send .NET 4.8 installer but since the port is blocked, it cannot which makes them stick in this status. So far this means that I can't configure the resources to monitor because its waiting on the upgrade to finish (install .NET) to complete that process.

I really wish this was handled differently. Forcing Orion to install .NET is not the way to go. Plus when I want to control the updates manually to mitigate my applications incompatibility with .NET 4.8, I can't because it ignores my setting and tries to update it anyway.

When I install an older version of the agent on a node, it immediately goes into an update status. I don't even have time to edit the AgentManagement_Agents table to turn the update flag to 0 before it attempts it.

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