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Getting unnecessary multiple packet loss alert for child nodes,while Primary node is down, how to avoid the false alert?


I have some challenges related packet loss, please help to fix this.

Could you please let me know if there is any way if Router has packet loss it should not trigger alert for the child node which is behind it. In this Case 'Router A' has the primary connection which has packet loss so we should get only alert for 'Router A' and not for other device behind it.

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Hi, Thank you for the same. We have already configured but how to create the alert to avoid the child alerts?

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Currently we have configured the alert in following manners:

Percent packet loss over the last few minutes. Packet loss is calculated from the number of ICMP packets that are dropped when polling the node. This alert will write to the SolarWinds event log when packet loss rises above 40% and when it drops back below 5%.

But when packet loss will be there on any single router , it creates alert for all connected devices which are connected to the router. - How to fix it?




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