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Community Manager

Get a sneak peek at new Orion navigation ideas (and earn thwack points!)

Do you currently use both NPM and SAM? If your answer is “yes!” then please keep reading. If not, we’ll catch you next time!

We are conducting a 10-minute survey to test out some possible navigation changes in Orion.  We need feedback from users like you to ensure that these changes will make your life easier.  Not only that, you’ll receive 250 thwack points for helping us out!

We’re using an online tool called Treejack to gather feedback on different ways that the navigation could be organized.  Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll see an overview of the navigation – not Orion, just 2 to 3 levels  of the navigation.
  • You’ll be given a set of tasks.
  • For each task, you’ll choose where you think you would go to accomplish that task by clicking through the navigation tree.
  • Seeing how you navigate will tell us if we need to reorganize or re-label the options to make things easier to find.
  • At the end of the survey, you’ll have the chance to provide comments.

If you currently use both NPM and SAM, please complete this 10-minute survey for 250 thwack points.

Note: This survey will end on Monday, October 27th. Points will be awarded once the survey has closed.

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Level 11

some interesting ideas, but I would take a learning from Symantec, and their backup-exec software, and if possible have a way to change back to the old interface /menu, because the new Symantec interface sucks.

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