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Level 9

Generating an alert based off a custom node poller value

Hi All

I'm trying to configure an alert based off the following:

We have a UDNP for our riverbeds, one of those being for Active connections.

When I try and configure an alert with NPM (11.5.3) It only lets me choose another custom node poller I am using , which I don't want.

I am stuck at the section where I want to put a if this UDNP Value is equal to X then generate the alert, I cant get the correct UDNP/Custom Poller selected.

How do I specifically choose the UDNP/Custom value poller that I want? in the alerting area?

Thought I would ask here before I logged a ticket

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Level 12

You would want to identify which poller the alert applies to by putting it in the scope of the alert using the Unique Name field such as the following:


Level 8

When creating the alert, have you selected "Custom Node Poller" in the "I want to alert on:" drop-down?

When you created your UnDP, did you assign it to your Riverbeds (I know, basic, but I had to ask)?

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