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Generate alert for new router added

Is there any way for us to be notified of the addition of say a new Router to our network?

For our annual security review we are conducting an intrusion test and it was asked if this could be possible - the testers bring in their router and use our existing EIGRP network to see what they could find.

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I will look into the polling MIB...the router has not been plugged in. There is a chance that they may not use any(pen testers will not disclose) but we want to be ready just in case such a device is added.

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Unfortunately we don't have UDT...

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has the router been added to Orion as a node or do you want to know if someone plugged in a router into your network?


You could poll a MIB for routing table and one for CDP neighbors.  Perhaps configure syslog or trap for routing changes.  Alert on any/ all of these.