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From an API into Orion

Is there a process that would take the results of an api from another platform and put the results into an existing NPM node?

Like could I create a "blank" undp and put the results of the api into that undp and use that to display the results as any other undp?

So create a script to get the results of the other platform api and the use an alert to update undp?

Is this idea possible?

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Sorry SHould have stated that we only have NPM/NCM/VNQM/UDT/NTA.  We do not have SAM

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Yeah, I always just thought of UnDP as a way to do custom SNMP without purchasing SAM. 

But if you are going to go that far, then you can have custom SNMP variables added to the server.  Those custom SNMP variables can run any script they want in linux to generate the value, and that script can do the rest/soap api request.

Create custom SNMP OID in Linux | Tater's Tech Blog

No clue how to do that on windows, but I'm sure it's possible.

Did you see that they have a new api polling feature currently in RC stage?  Seems like it could be very much in line with what you need.

What We're Working On For Server & Application Monitor (Updated July, 2019)

- Marc Netterfield, Github

SAM would be ideal for this! You can see an example of how customers took the 2019.4 version of SAM to do this for Netscalers and we have continued to make progress and improvements there. the 2020.2 release candidate is available

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Level 12

Short answer: Yes

Not sure UNDP is the best option. Something with SAM+alerting or custom properties+SWQL+some external scripting would work.

Devil's in the details, mind

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Level 13

To be honest, this is the method i would take: You 'could' have the API to update a Custom Property of a node, then based on the custom property create an UNDP poller...

Managing Custom Properties · solarwinds/OrionSDK Wiki · GitHub

NPM Universal Device Pollers · solarwinds/OrionSDK Wiki · GitHub

my aim would be to update a custom property then work from there

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Good thought - I think I could make that work but that would mean all the monitored node would have that custom property.  Unless there is a way to create a custom property for just one given vendor/platform.  The issue would be that as the results change there is no history to chart.  This would could be used for alerting but not history.

Not trying to shot down any ideas.  That may end up being the way to go.

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