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Filter/Ignore Syslog Messages

Syslog messages are being sent to Solarwinds from several firewalls that I know can be ignored and are only filling up our logs.  It's a pain (if not impossible) to prevent the log message from being generated from the firewall, so I wanted to see if there was a way that I could have Solarwinds drop/ignore the message as it's received so it does not get logged.


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Use the "Syslog Viewer" program on your Orion server to create filters for those specific syslog messages and create an Action that drops those syslogs that it receives per your filter(s).  Open syslog viewer and go to File > Settings > click on the Filters/Rules tab(or similar name).  Click the Add button to create a new rule(which consists of filters and then an action to be performed on those filtered syslog messages).

- Parker

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Try this one

Tips and Tricks for Managing Traps and Syslog in Orion NPM

My tip is move that syslog load to something that can work with large syslog loads

NPM was never designed for that