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Feature request: Column width

I've made this request before, but I suspect it's fallen off the radar.  There are about 10 features that I've requested since the 7.x version series that have yet to make it into a 8.x series.  I'll be posting them separately.

When defining a custom view, column width PERCENTAGES should be an allowed value, outside of just specifying pixel width.


Column 1 Width:1000One Column
Column 2 Width:300Two Column
Column 3 Width:


Instead of 1000/300, the application should accept "25%" and "75%" for values, allowing for flexible width displays that scale to monitor sizes and resolutions.  Fixed width is so 1990s.

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Level 9


Do someone have any news about this feature request? We have many users with different screen resolution and we are always struggling to make views that fit for everyone.

I also agree with Chris. Fixed widths has been fixed in browsers for years now. A modern monitoring system shoud support relative column width.


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You may want to go create a new idea

This is a really old post, and creating an idea is your best bet to get people to vote on it.

It is a good idea!

Chrystal Taylor

Chrystal Taylor | Head Geek
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