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Feature Suggestion - Color Blind Mode

I know I am in the minority here by far but I am red/green color blind.  I see colors but some shades that are similar I cannot distinguish. For example the red and green LEDs on Orion.  They are used everywhere and unless the word down or up is somewhere around I cannot always tell the difference.

I would imagine for people whom are fully colorblind it is that much harder.


My suggestion would be to always accompany an LED with the words UP/DOWN/WARNING as part of the graphic.

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Level 13

Hey Donald--

Great suggestion. I'll let Brandon know.


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Any update on this? We have a new NOC technician starting with us who is red/green colorblind and I would like to be able to adjust the icons to be more helpful to him.


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I am thinking a proper feature request is the best option here. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. There are so many things that we would hardly, if ever, think about implementing. This is definitely one of them! I totally support this.

Network Performance Monitor Feature Requests

Submitted, thanks for the suggestion!

If you like this idea, please vote at

If you don't like this idea, nothing to see here, please move along...


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I'm partially colour blind (it's only with close shades of red/green). I typically don't have an issue with the SolarWinds status LEDs although if it was worse I can see where a feature like this could be necessary. A current workaround would be to replace all of the down/up status GIFs in the \inetpub\SolarWinds\NetPerfMon\images\ folder on the web server. Any upgrade would overwrite these again however.

Mostly I just have issues with the LED status on Cisco devices - the amber/green tend to all look the same to me.