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Level 7

Feature Request - please include F5 VIPs (Virtual Servers) to objects that may be added to Groups

Case # 00534377 - currently unable to add F5 VIPs (Virtual Servers) to Groups.  The VIPs are visible in Load Balancing Dashboard, but do not appear as selections available in drop down menu of Manage Groups to be added to a group.  Our team has built 14 groups that comprise product/service offerings.  These groups include the IT assets, i.e. "nodes/servers" required to provide the service.  Want to be able to also add the F5 VIP (Virtual Server)  that fronts these servers for complete picture to IS Operation team supporting environment.  SW Tech Support has submitted a "feature request" to development team for consideration, and suggetsted I include a THWACK thread for it so Orion/SW Product Mgrs will have visibility to request.

Brian Watts

IT - Network Engineer

Populus FInancial Group (aka Ace Cash Express)

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Level 11

Along those same lines I would love to just see better F5 integration all the way around. To be able visualize the F5 data in Perfstack, or add it to native dashboards (w/o having to use iframes) and things like that would be fantastic.