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Level 14

Feature Request: Expand the usability of the report writer


what I think would be a very good improvement on NPM/Report Write is the ability to completely re-create Orion resources with the Report writer (so that they look 100% like the original, including colored percentage bars, formatting, etc.). This helps to be able to filter the views better, for example I would want to display disks that reach 80% usage but only if the free space is also below XGB (disks with ~1TB and 15% free space dont need to be shown...)

a second step, which probably has been requested many times as well is being able to have graphs in reports.

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Level 9

I know its an old post, but the ability to create reports that contain objects with the coloured percentage bars would be fantastic.

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its not really that old and I think the more people post here that they want this, the more likely it is to be considered for a future release, maybe even for 10.3 😉

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Level 7

I second that request too.


Kind regards

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I agree this has been a long awaited request. 

If this is going to happen. Will this feature be incorporated into version 10.3 or later hopefully.

I have used many reporting products: ehealth, NetQoS, OVPI and I would think SolarWinds would want to incorporate a reporting feature into NPM or maybe sell the reporting feature separately as an add on product. 

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Definitely needs to be improved! Count me as well.

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Level 12

This is a long-standing request. I've had on and off conversations with the NPM group about implementing decent reporting since July 2010. Coming from ipMonitor (all the way back in version 7.0 and moving forward to 10.0), the reporting was very versatile, so we took a major down step when we moved to Orion NPM.

I've provided report examples with graphs, comparisons (i.e. this week compared to last week), and the presence of the data/graphs in the e-mail rather than linked to the web portal (which doesn't render when reading from a smartphone and off network). Reporting isn't a glamorous feature, but it makes a difference to management and proactive network maintenance.

Hopefully enough noise can be made here such that SW staff can't say that it isn't requested by the community.

Awesomeness lives here... 

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Level 13

Marked for PM to review.

Thanks for the feedback.


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Another vote for this.

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Vote for!

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Level 9

I second this request. And also add that it would be nice to pull out graphical pieces from Orion's resource reports (like disk space percentage bar) and put into our reports for both ORION Views and for emailed reports. For example the disk space mini report ORION gives by default doesn't show available space. This is similarly linked to this request:


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I really need to learn how to articulate myself 😛

What you said was supposed to be included in what I wrote...

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We vote for this as well but......

we were told that report writer is actually not going to be enhanced with graphs and such.  That functionality was being moved into the web pages where you could schedule reports (for now - emailed web pages) to be sent.

I'd like to see a full featured web based report writer personally.  Best of both worlds in my opinion.

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well, I didnt really think of reports in the traditional way for this report writer...

I was hoping for the stuff to be implemented so you can basically create your own customized resources where solarwinds didnt quite create them the way you need them on your website. basically I would love to be able to re-create the resources from orion to have no limits to customizing.

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