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Level 9

Feature Request - Advanced Alert Acknowledgment

It would be very nice to have Orion to have an option to send out an email after an alert has been acknowledged.

 For example, I have an alert setup to email every 5 minutes when a critical server goes down.  If someone from the help desk starts to work on it and acknowledges the alert so it stops being sent, it would be cool if everyone else saw when and who acknowledged the alert via email.  This could be a check box within the alert escalation options to enable or disable it.

Would anyone else find this helpful?

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Level 9

It looks like this Thwack thread is the most visible way of getting a request noticed, so I'm chiming in with reply #4.

We have ticket 225661 opened this week with support on this very subject. As recent converts from OpsView to Orion, we were very surprised and dissapointed this was not an included feature in Advanced Alerting. It was fundamental to our response management in OpsView and just seems like such a basic necessity. But 3+ years later, it's still not addressed by SolarWinds...?

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there are features about which one wonders why they haven't been there from version 1.0. emailing alert acknowledgement is certainly one of them.

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New Posters--

I will also mark this for PM to review.


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Level 7

I totally agree with your request. If we have six people on call getting paged, and one user connects in and acknowledges the alarm, it should send out a page to everyone letting know that the person in now working on it.

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We'd love this feature too. Also, the ability to produce a report of all acknowledged alerts and who acknowledged them.

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