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False Event - NPM

Hi All,


We are testing Advanced Alert for Interface goes down. We are using evaluation license for testing. We discover that everytime we unplugged an interface for testing purposes, the Event "Node goes down" appear in the Web GUI. When we move the cursor to that event, it will indicate that it is the interface that is down. Admin or other user might be confused if they will see a "node goes down" event instead of an "interface goes down" event. Is it NPM Event Bug? Or do we need to configure something in the default config to eliminate this false issue?



We are currently experiencing this false alert with one of our client and it is not a good impression to have this kind of false event.


Can anyone help me solve this issue?




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Level 13

Please verify the following details.

In the Advanced Alert Manager,pull up the "Interface Goes down" alert.Check the trigger action and see if it is set to "Interface ${InterfaceName} is ${Status}".

If the above is right,then go ahead and do a "test" manually on the Advanced Alert manager.

Post your results to look in further.

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