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Level 11

FYI: 12.1 has memory leak in SolarWinds.InformationService.ServiceV3.exe


We are still waiting for a fix for the memory leak in SolarWinds.InformationService.ServiceV3.exe of NPM 12.1.

It's now been 2 weeks. Case #1148761

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Level 9

The latest hotfix DID NOT fix this problem - I've been working with SW Support on balooning InformationServiceV3 memory issues for two weeks with little progress.

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I am also having this problem. Has any headway been made on this issue?

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The problem seems to be related to VIM, and in my case, AppInsightSQL.  The changebroker process doesn't seem to be able to disable/delete anything.  So for my 5000 databases, only about 15% I care about watching with AppInsightSQL, the Unmanaged setting gets stuck in the Notificatications.Pending queue.

If I re-manage absolutely all Db's, then babysit the queues while they catch up from the firehose, it'll stabilize for 24-48 hours.

Not a fix at all, but at least it keeps the system from crashing and corrupting every 24 hours.

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Any idea if this has been fixed? I found that any dashboard I click on increases the memory of the information server and it does not appear to be letting go of any memory after it builds up.

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yes - my particular issue with AppInsightSQL was fixed with a buddy drop.  They didn't tell me what was in it, other than the monitor failing to remove things from the subscription list.


"Unexpected System.InstanceDeleted indications

      This buddy drop addresses an issue where System.InstanceDeleted indications are fired repeatedly

      for unmanaged AppInsight for SQL databases.

      The fix improves performance and stability of SolarWinds Information Service.

Incorrectly created Information Service indications for the entity Orion.APM.SqlDatabase

      This buddy drop addresses an issue where each indication for the entity Orion.APM.SqlDatabase creates

      the following warning in Orion.InformationService.log:

            [EasyNetQ consumer dispatch thread] WARN  SolarWinds.InformationService.ChangeBroker.Broker - (null) (null)     Change indication for Orion.APM.SqlDatabase is required to contain {ItemID, ApplicationID} key properties, but {ItemID} missing.

      The fix improves performance and stability of SolarWinds Information Service."

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Level 9

This is at "Development", but no resolution in forthcoming. I'm still restarting the ServiceV3 on a daily basis.

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Level 9

I had this problem with NPM 12.0, with the help of support we managed to trace the memory leak to one particular availability report

After deleting and re-creating this report the memory leak didn't come back.

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I see sqlservr.exe is going to 4G, I then restart SolarWinds.InformationService.ServiceV3.exe, and this drops and starts to increase slowly (memory leak)

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I'm not sure that describes a memory leak in sqlserver -- my SQlserver grows to, and runs at, 64GB pretty much all the time.

bbusbey how quickly does the information service process leak memory?

We had an issue with the All Alerts resource back a version and with a dozen people sat with NPM open all day it leaked some on every summary-page refresh, which made it unusable after a couple of hours.

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