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Level 8

FEATURE REQUEST - VLANs ID 1002 to 1005 are being omitted

I have submitted the feature request to our development team as currently VLANs ID 1002 to 1005 are still reserved for FDDI and Token Ring interfaces use. I understand this is an old issue that should've already been fixed since FDDI or Token Ring are no longer used but any changes or fix in the products need to be submitted as a feature request to our development team be addressed on a future release.

Case # - 00623914 VLAN Info not showing in list

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Level 8

So, this is it? I ask for a simple correction that would benefit everyone and no acknowledgement by Solarwinds

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Level 16

Hi @sgscwa11 

Cisco right?

I don’t know about any other vendor that will do that...


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Yes Cisco and now Solarwinds.

Solarwinds NPM list all VLANs except 1002-1005. They needs to be corrected.

NPM was design to help manage all network equipment not Cisco specific. I can't believe this isn't able to be resolved with a simple support case. 


Is that a bug or someone need to understand what multivendor mean...


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By no means is this a bug, SolarWinds purposely omits reporting on VLANS 1002-1005 because Cisco chose to reserved it for FDDI and Token Ring.

Solarwinds needs to correct this. This is anything but a feature request. I'm simply asking for wrongfully added logic to be removed. These would be beneficial to everyone and nothing needs to be developed to added.


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Only asking for a simple correction. Please

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