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F5 OID - Table - First 5 rows only?

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Im polling a OID in F5, and it comes back with multiple tabular values. I see that Solarwinds takes only the first 5 rows into consideration? I have all my important values after the 5th row. There are many rows with 0. Is it possible to exclude all ZERO rows, and have only the important values to be shown in report?

Here is the OID:

/Common/duo_xx_hst_chk149Browser VPN
/Common/duo_yy.xx.org2VPN Basic
/Common/duo_f5client2001Thick Client


Only 3 values in the above table are useful. How do I extract those?


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You set the label when you were creating the UNDP, it had a prompt on maybe the 4th screen if i recall correctly. Anyway you can just change it by loading the UNDP tool, find your poller right click and go to label



1, Change the radio button from the default value of interfaces

2, find your vendor and the device you want to use to test the OID, click test

3, the columns will populate based on what your device sends back you pick the column number that would be the best for your row labels.  It is not always the first one, in my example here column 6 actually had the friendly names I wanted to use for my table.

4, click finish, wait for the next polling cycle to complete then refresh your chart and the labels should line up.



It is relatively uncommon, but there are cases where the labels you want aren't on the same table as the data you want to chart out and that gets a lot more complicated there because Orion just natively assumes the labels live on the same table.  In these cases if you dig around in the SNMP trees for your gear enough and can actually find the table with the names you want to use and they are organized using the same row id scheme as the table you are polling then you can actually edit the database and manually set the OID orion uses to find labels to anything you want.  As usual, be careful when you are in there hacking the database up, but I have done this in many cases for clients and it is pretty low risk as long as you know not to accidentally overwrite the labels column for the whole table or some other similar mistake.



* Despite the fact that labeltype says sametable, you can actually give it any OID as long the the rowid scheme is the same between both tables.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

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For a node summary view I personally usually use the custom chart widget with custom swql data source because i find that the OOTB widgets are kind of inferior for this, but the built in option for this use case is the Multiple Universal Device Pollers Chart widget.

You pick your UNDP, select the nodes that it is assigned to and then you should get something like this:



- Marc Netterfield, Github

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