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F5 Big IP, GTM, LTM support

Hello THWACK community,

We recently switch over to F5 load balancing, GTM, LTM, and Big IP rack modules. I'm looking to get some better understanding of the support on NPM for F% units. Is there some 'gotcha' info I need to know for monitoring? Does NPM even support these modules yet? ETC. Any as assistance much appreciated.



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Level 17

NPM will support it as long as it can communicate with it via SNMP.  Most of the monitoring would be based on RFC standard OIDs.  If there's anything specific you are looking for, you'd probably need to do a MIB walk using the snmpwalk.exe tool in the Orion install directory and create Custom/Universal Pollers pased on those.


Matthew Harvey

Loop1 Systems

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10.4 that is in beta right now is introducing more in depth monitoring for F5.  This should give you a lot more information then in the current release of NPM.  You can also download the MIB for F5 right off your device, or do a walk and create any UnDP's you may need outside of what NPM will support as of 10.4 once it releases.

We ran a MIB walk off the F5 units, but it just doesn't display very well. Welp, looks like I have some digging to do before 10.4 is in full release.

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Let me dig up my UnDP's I built for F5's and I will post them here.  Maybe they will help you out quicker then digging on your own until 10.4 comes out.

That would be a huge help! Thanks!

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Here is the link.  I saved them all to 1 UnDP file.  If this gives you issues let me know, and I will upload each separate poller.