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Level 7

F5 / BIGIP Custom MIBS in Orion

 Does anyone have any experience in utilizing the custom mibs provided by F5 Networks for the v 9.x BIGIP code? 

 I've set up the Custom MIB Poller for the ltmVirtualServTable but I only seem to get one entry back as opposed to all of the Virtual Servers.  Anyone know how to get all of the Virtual Servers to show up?

 I'm specifically looking to pull the data for each virtual server and how much traffic is passing at a current period.  I was successfully able to do this with Cacti, but I'd like to get it on SolarWinds as well.


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Level 19

 In Orion 8.x, the custom MIB poller cannot poll MIB Tables.  In Orion 9.0 (due out soon), polling of tables will be supported.

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