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Level 9

Extra Tabular Universal Device Pollers

I have added, edited, and deleted several UnDPs for a particular node.  I noticed that a handful of UnDPs still display the "Tabular Universal Device Poller" entries on the Node Details page even though the UnDPs are deleted.  I even unassigned all UnDPs from this particular node and I have a handful of Tabular Universal Device Pollers showing up and a handful of old UnDP charts.  To take it a step further, I even deleted all UnDPs for this node.  The only way I found to remove these is to edit the Node Details view and manually remote them. I couldn't find anything right off in the database that I could delete but I'm probably sure they are in there somewhere.  Is there another way to remove these entries or is this the best way?  Thanks in advance!

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Level 9

Hi afarmer,

I'm having this same problem after deleting some UnDP's before I unassigned them from the various nodes. How exactly did you go about removing these from the Node Details view?

Thanks in advance

 Update:  Nevermind...found it under Admin, Manage Views, Node Details.

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I had to modify my Node Details view and remove the extra "Tabular Universal Device Poller" entries. 

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Level 14

Open the UnDP, right click on the individual custom pollers and chck the Web Display setting. Make sure the box is checked that removes the poller from the view if it is not assigned to the node.

Hope that helps.

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Hey borgan,

Thanks for the reply.  These particular UnDPs I am talking about no longer exist on my system because I deleted them.  However, the charts still display on the Node Details page.  I am able to do like you said and edit the Web Display settings for my current UnDPs but I can't for these particular ones.  Thanks again. 

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