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Level 13

Extending the trial licence.

Hello people in solarwinds land.  So as our environment is so large I have been give an extended trial licence from solarwinds.  Although I have the licence keys from solarwinds, I am unsure how to activate them.  I have done a search for :

- Trial licence keys

- Extended trial licence keys

- Extending trial licence keys

- Trial licence keys extension.

To not real avail.  Does someone has experience on this.  I have the instructions from soalrwinds to migrate licences over (which I can do) but it's a document that's pulled from solarwinds, how am I going to update this?

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Level 13

If you're existing paying customer, you can ask the support representative for the Temporary key to extend evaluation of the product. If you are not, contact the sales department ( After you'll have the key and have the latest release, you should be able to activate the licenses on the Web license manager (Settings->All Settings->License Manager). If you're on older release (can't find mentioned page), for this purpose will serve the desktop license manager (click on Start button, type License Man.... to find the installer).