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Level 10

Extending the time a node is unmanaged.

I unmanaged a group of nodes for a DR test for about a week so our NOC and Server Teams don't get flooded with alerts from our DR Site.  I was then told we needed to extend the test about a day.  All the nodes would be considered "down" right now because of an ACL they put in place, so I can't just remanage them then unmanage without a flood.

Is there anyway to change the date a node is to become unmanaged and increase/decease as neccesary?  Any way to determine the "remanage" date/time on a node currently unmanaged as well?


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Level 9

I think, you can update table Nodes in your DB, columns UnManaged and UnManageUntil. Just update UnManageUntil with your preferred date.