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Level 12

Extended Volume of Windows Machine shows up as New Disk

Back using Solarwinds after a few years. I see a lot of improvements in 2019.04 but this one is wrecking my head. We are monitoring a VMware estate with the NPM agent and VMM. A common scenario:

  1. The C: drive space passes a threshold that triggers and alert
  2. The OS admin increases the raw disk size in vmware then extends the volume in the OS layer
  3. NPM now shows a new disk with the new size and another disk with the old size! They have different serial numbers!


  • shocko_0-1590513660909.png

This now keeps triggering alerts against a now ghost disk size 😐 This seems increbilty poor design if this is indeed a default aspect of the product still.


  1. Is this designed behavior?
  2. If so why does the extended dis show a new serial number?
  3. If so, does this article still show the best way to resolve?
  4. Can I get around this using VMM to monitor or the like?

Thanks in advance guys. 

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Level 20

If you rediscover the node does this still stay this way?  Click on rediscover under node details for then node then list the resources and make sure only the current disks are selected.  This can also be automated but you can test it this way.

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Just tested and only option appear to be to do as the KB article I linked suggested. This is quite horrible. Why can the system not track the disk ? Disk expansion on Vms would have to be one of the most common admin tasks out there. Also, why does the disk get a new serial number? Makes no sense 😐

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