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Exporting nodes / interfaces to a new installation


Is there any easy way of exporting the list of monitored nodes and interfaces in NPM, so that at a later date I can reinstall NPM on a new server, using a new (blank) database and simply import the nodes/interfaces and not have to recreate them all by hand?

Warning: my SQL knowledge is effectively non-existent


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Your best bet is going to be a report that you can export. I don't see an out-of-the-box report right off, but the SQL to create one is below (New > Advanced SQL Report).  Getting the information back into an install is going to be less straightforward.  You can use the IP address from the report to do a targeted (list of IP addresses) discovery but at that point you're left with either a) no interfaces, or b) a large groups of interface based on the import criteria (all non-loopback interfaces that are operationally up, for example).  You can either select too many interfaces and then remove them from each device or select no interfaces and add them as needed.  Yes, it's as boring as it sounds.

SELECT n.caption, n.ip_address, i.caption

FROM nodes n

JOIN interfaces i ON n.nodeid = i.nodeid

Acknowledging you're not SQL savvy is important, but for something like this you may want to put your hands on someone who is to avoid the mind-numbing tedium above.  Assuming you did, these would be my instructions for them:

  1. Do a targetted discovery of all nodes in the list provided.
  2. When prompted, import EVERY interface (operationally up, down, and admin down) of EVERY type.
  3. Query the database for all interfaces that don't match the node/interface pairs from your export.
  4. Gather the interfaceid values from step #3 (it's the unique identifier).
  5. Iterate over these IDs, passing them to the swsp_deleteinterface stored procedure.
  6. Confirm that the right number of interfaces made it into the 'deletedinterfaces' table.
  7. Run the database maintenance (All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced > Database Maintenance).

All that being said, there's also the API.  I don't suppose you're proficient in any of the supported languages?