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Excluding certain traps from alert rules?

Hello. Normally I like to do all the filtering of SNMP traps at source, so adding a rule to notify us is straightforward - forward all traps as an email, etc.

In this case I can't do so, so I need to exclude certain traps from my alert rule.
Specifically, I need to forward all traps that contain the string cdsAlarmMajor , unless they also contain the string tcpstat-v1 in which case they can be ignored.
At a later date, I'll also need to add extra exclusions.

The first section is straightforward - just put *cdsAlarmMajor* in the Trap Details tab.
I assume for the exclusion I should use the Conditions tab, then do a rule that says "Traps received where none of the following are true", and then have a separate line for each string to exclude but what do I need to put in the first half to replace SNMPvs-MIB:snmpTrapOID?

Thanks in advance

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