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Enviroment setup help needed


I've been given the project of rebuilding our Solarwinds environment and would be grateful for your help and opinions.


The most useful post I have found so far is;

I still have a few basic questions though.

When you mention poller does that mean NPM?

The proposed setup is as follows.

Two separate locations with all the IT staff in one location.

As we will rebuild the servers I’ll follow the manuals and guidance on here for the RAID and disk setup.



SQL Server

AMD 6x core 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM, 2003 SE x64, SQL 2005 - This will be for the SQL database at our main site. Although it does look overspec'd.

Would it be worth putting Enterprise operations console on this instead of the main Orion box?


Main Servers

Xeon 3.2 GHz, 3.5Gb RAM, 2003 SE as the main Orion server.  I'm assuming NCM will sit on here along with the web service.

There will be a similar server at our secondary site but I don't have the full spec for that yet.

Would we be able to use SQL express on these or  would it be ok for the SQL databases to be one of multiple instances?



2x Blades 2.6 GHz 2Gb RAM, one on each site as a polling engine


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I've not had any feedback on this one. I was seconded to another project for a few months and am now back to work on this.


The situation has changed a little in that we will be VM'ing all but the SQL database server.

I would like to know the bext server to install EOC onto and wether to use SQL express or an instance for the VM'd servers.


Regards Greg

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Hi Greg--

I marked this for the PM to review and possilbly help you with.


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