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Enhance Solarwinds Network Discovery for Drive/Volume Discovery Filter on the UI

Hello Rick,

 In your inbound call you wanted to discuss how it would possible to limit the volumes that are discovered in Linux Servers.

 The Agent cannot be configured to limit the volumes because its the part that goes out and finds them. It is the Polling Engine that applies the limit logic.

 The discovery job for volumes is restricted in a way that it does not allow it to use 'volume name' like it does with interfaces.

 Right now a Feature Request has been submitted to Development to enhance the network sonar discovery to limit volume discovery by name as oppose to just type.

 SolarWinds cannot disclose if or when new features will be implemented however customer feedback is always appreciated.

 Whenever new features are put into new versions they will be documented in the release notes.

Kevin McAlonan
SolarWinds Technical Support

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Can you create this as an idea (feature request)? That will allow others to vote on this feature as well as our ability to track it.
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Hello Danielle, support submitted this to the developers on the case I had open. Where do I submit a feature request at?



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